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Further information:

Here you have the Learn More section of our web, where you will find further information about the concept and the product.
☞ https://gik.blue/en/learn-more/

And here you have our FAQ section:


Delivery times:

The delivery time can be up to 72 hours, but depending of the destination it can take 5 working days.

Keep in mind that all orders placed from 5pm on, will not be processed until the next working day.


Issue with the credit card:

Our payment gateway works properly, so the error must be caused by you bank blocking the payment. It usually happens when it's the first time you buy on a website or when you have made several purchases in one day.

Sorry {{answer_37355322}}, we can only ask you to contact your bank and ask them to unblock the payment.

Good luck!


Buy in a shop:

Currently, you can only buy Gïk through this website:

We are working to reach new places and we will inform you about our progress in our social networks:
· Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlueWineGik
· Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/giklive/

If you do not want to buy online for security reasons, we inform you that the whole process is totally safe.


Payment methods:

We only accept payments through:
     ➊ Credit or debit card
     ➋ Wire transfer (bank transfer)

Payment options such as Paypal or cash back are not available. Sorry for the inconvenience.



Shipping costs:

The shipment is free to all Spain. However, a rate could be charged for international deliveries. We are only human!


At the moment we only do shipments from 3, 6 and 9 bottles.

We are sorry to inform you that for internal logistics reasons, quantities cannot be modified.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


When will it be back in stock?
The production process of Gïk is not simple nor fast. We can not give you a date, but we are working to produce more bottles as soon as possible.

How will I know when its back in stock?
We will inform you in our social networks:
· Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlueWineGik
· Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/giklive/

Why is there no stock left?
Due to unexpected international demand, Gïk stocks have been depleted at a much higher rate than we had anticipated. We apologise for the inconvenience.


Wow, awesome!
What type? *


Aritz Lopez, Head of Communication at Gik Live, would love to meet you. Could you reach out to him?
newsroom@gik.blue | +34 695783760.

Here you will find the Press Release for the project:
☞ http://bit.ly/2g97vlu

And this is a legit source for pictures and branded content:
☞ http://bit.ly/2fcGFMr


What kind of business? *


We invite you to register on our ordering platform for professionals, where you can buy at special prices and enjoy other advantages.


Gïk epitomizes revolution and creation. We believe that all creators deserve the opportunity to create with freedom and without following rules, guided by beauty and originality.

We live by these values and we hire accordingly. We would love to see your CV; please attach it on the next screen and we will contact you


Attach your portfolio, CV, personal manifesto... *


In order to put you in touch with the right person inside the company, we would need you to fill in the form with some information.


Thank you for taking the time, we promise it’s worth it.


To track your order, enter your order ID number in this link:
☞ http://www.seur.com/seguimiento-online.do
As for the order ID number: it will look something like GIK-WW000123 and you will find in the confirmation email that we send you when you completed your order. __________________________

Please wait 24 hours before trying, as you can not track the order before it is prepared and it leaves our store.

If you paid by bank transfer, please send the slip or receipt of payment ↓


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The type of business you have is {{answer_61119134}}, which is located at {{answer_61118940}}, {{answer_61118939}}. And the name is: {{answer_61118941}}.

To get in touch with you
Phone: {{answer_61118938}}

More information: {{answer_61118942}}

Is that right?


Choose your country from the list: *


Great! We can offer you a more personalized service, since your location has its own website.

Please head to the corresponding website:

· BE (Belgique, België): https://vinbleu.be/
· FR (France): https://giklive.fr/
· UK (United Kingdom): https://giklive.uk/
· NL (Nederlanden): https://blauwe-wijn.nl/
· ES (España): https://giklive.es/
· PT (Portugal): https://vinhoazul.pt/
· DE (Deutschland): https://giklive.de/


You can make a shipment for this country in our general website: ☞ https://gik.blue/store/

We hope to open soon your own online store in your location. We will inform you in our social networks::
· Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlueWineGik/
· Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/giklive/


No shipping method available:

Thank you very much for your message and your interest in Gïk Live!. We are truly honored to see the blue revolution come so far.

At the moment, we can not send Gik to your location, but we are working hard to launch it in every country as soon as possible.

We'll keep you updated through our official social media pages:
· Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlueWineGik/
· Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/giklive/

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You are {{answer_37355322}}{{answer_37355323}}

The type of business you own is {{answer_37355342}}, which is located at {{answer_61118494}}, {{answer_61118475}}. And the name is: {{answer_61118495}}

To get in touch with you
Phone: {{answer_61118137}}

More information: {{answer_61118512}}

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Thank you very much for contacting us, if you need anything else do not hesitate to re-fill the form.
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